Skills vs meta-skills

For the longest time, I’ve wondered why education systems don’t focus on teaching essential skills like good interpersonal communication, logic, the art of presenting, persuasion, developing continuous self-awareness, knowing how to receive any type of feedback and knowing how to give good feedback, effective reading, … The answer—I just realized—is very simple. What I hadContinue reading “Skills vs meta-skills”

Repeating Priorities, Not Excuses

I find that most people, me included, are skilled at tricking our minds into thinking we don’t have control over the things standing between us and the things we desire. The trick behind it: excuses. We’re not even very creative with our excuses. Take exercise, for example. Most people who claim they wish to more fit/healthy citeContinue reading “Repeating Priorities, Not Excuses”

Why You’re Not as Objective as You Think You Are

We all like to think that we’re rational adults, that we evaluate things based on facts before concluding with a judgement. But that false belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, while some can be more disciplined others in their mental evaluations of things, situations, and people, we cannot fully escape the effect ourContinue reading “Why You’re Not as Objective as You Think You Are”