Seth Godin on models →

That’s what makes it a model. The map is not the territory, and a model is nothing but a stripped-down approximation of what might be happening. By definition, the model for your problem, your organization, your opportunity–it’s not actually the thing being studied, it’s a simplified version of it. All models are wrong, some modelsContinue reading “Seth Godin on models →”

The InPO Framework: A Simple Action Guiding Tool

You can think of any work-related action you’re doing as falling into one of three categories: Input Processing Output Use this simple framework to notice when you’re out of balance and need to readjust.  Input is anything you’re taking in: Reading books/articles/twitter Watching videos/webinars/courses Listening to podcasts Attending a conference talk Input is will serveContinue reading “The InPO Framework: A Simple Action Guiding Tool”