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The Book of Life: On Resilience

I came across this gem from the wonderful Book of Life at a particularly apt period in my life:

We imagine that we could not live without a certain kind of income or status or health; that it would be a disaster not to have a certain kind of relationship, house or job. This natural tendency of the mind is constantly stoked by life in commercial society, which adds to our sense of the number of things that should be considered Necessities rather than Luxuries.

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One Power Addict, Countless Losses

I moved to Malaysia two years ago to look for a job and escape the war in Syria. Ever since the rebellion broke out, one truth has been consistent: many people are dying. Whether good or bad, innocent or criminals, it’s execution for everyone without trial. And it’s all the result of one man’s addiction to power & his refusal to give it up at any cost. Meanwhile, it’s been over 5 years and the people of my country are still being slaughtered, tortured, have their homes blown up, doors shut in their faces when they seek help from other nations, and for what…