The Marvel of Creation (Set 1)

Amr Khalifeh's image of jellyfish 1

The Marvel of Creation is a series of posts, each containing an image or set of images that make me stand in awe at the sublime creations of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. This is the first set.

Looking at those jellyfish, I could help but stop and think how such a simple looking organism could be a living thing that has moves about at its will. How could something so sparse and translucent be more than an inanimate object?

Amr Khalifeh's image of jellyfish 2

When things like those jellyfish make you stop and think for a few moment, you might be lucky enough to pause long enough and remember how little we know about the world, and how much that will never be known or discovered.

Amr Khalifeh's image of jellyfish 3

Subhan Allah…

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