Sweating the details in design

Businesses prioritize what they can measure. Because what you can measure, you can improve. But not everything can be measured easily. If you only focus on what you measure, you miss out on the small stuff. The stuff that doesn’t make sense from an ROI perspective. But it just makes your product a joy to use.

Jared Sinclair writes in his post Friday App Design Review – Code Review, an Inbox for GitHub Pull Requests:

I like that when I tap the segmented control at the top, the master list animates in the direction of the selected tab. It creates a strong spatial memory, an important component of a comfortable app.

Jared Sinclair is an experienced designer and so he was able to explain why that little detail is worth having and how it makes the experience of using the product better. Few people can articulate their thoughts about a design with such clarity, but people will still pick up on those details. They might not be able to say why they like a product so much, but they know that it’s polished, that it was made with care. People can always tell when something was made with love and care, and it always results in a positive experience. No matter what you do, whether you work in design or not, put care into your work and you’ll be happier for it. You’ll be proud of what you made, and your customers will appreciate and respect it, maybe even love it.

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