Ben Schwartz on Idea Technology

What motivates your work? For the longest time I can remember, I’ve had trouble finding drive for work. Soon as something becomes a thing I have to do, my mind starts resisting it. Ben Schwartz talks about how a lot of jobs today were designed in a soulless fashion that doesn’t care about the person doing the job, their growth, or their contribution. It’s those factors, rather than money, are what ultimately matter for a satisfying career.

Schwartz makes an interesting point when he takes what most people call a mental model and terms it idea technology. It makes sense what you think about it. The way we think is constantly evolving, just as technology never its march forward. What’s funny though, as Schwartz points out, is that we usually discard technology that doesn’t work and move onto something better. However when it comes to idea technology, we hold on to a lot of bad tech that’s outdated & no longer relevant for what we’re trying to employ it to do.


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